1.  IT:  it@esnbg.org

The main goal is providing IT support to the websites, solving IT issues, updating the system of mails and mailing lists in the organisation. For more information visit the web page of the IT Team: www.esnbg.org/info/it


2. Finance: finance.group@esnbg.org

The Finance working group was created to research and present good practices of budgeting and finance management. The main goal is to create a new mechanism of cash flows coordination and distribution between the national budget and local budgets.


3. Communications: communication.group@esnbg.org

The Communication working group takes care of the good atmosphere and efectiveness in the communciation between the members at all levels of the organisation.


4. Projects: projects@esnbg.org

The projects group deals with the interesting and challenging matter of projects writing, research of suitable youth programmes and initiatives that ESN could be a part of. Additionally, the members of the current group are of great support in events management and completion of tasks related to the ESN projects as PRIME, Social Erasmus and ExchangeAbility.


5. Marketing: marketing.group@esnbg.org

The Marketing working group prepares all the advertising materials of ESN Bulgaria, creates and executes the  branding strategy of the organisation. It is responsible for most of the communication tools.

The working groups 2., 3., 4. and 5. involve members of all sections in ESN Bulgaria.

All the working groups report their actions and procedure proposals to the national board and the general assembly.