Two French students on an internship in ESN Bulgaria



Hi guys,


we are Marion and Joris, we come from Caen in FRANCE and we are two civil engineering students.


Last October we spent one amazing and really awesome week in Sofia and Bulgaria. We really enjoyed it, so we decided to come back again in Sofia but this time to stay here for one month.


We are here, because we wanted to do an internship in a foreign country and we thought Bulgaria is the best place for us to do it. Now we are part of ESN Bulgaria and we are helping the team with different things such as:

    - participating in the organization of the events organized by ESN Sofia and ESN Bulgaria (International dinner, trip to Belogradchik, Domino's night and a lot of more to come :) )

    - organizing a SocialErasmus event;

    - organizing a SocialErasmus Sport day & tournament for all the Erasmus students and for the local students as well;

     - and a lot of more of course :)


 We hope you are going to enjoy all the surprises we are preparing for you. And if you want to understand what else we are preparing for you, keep following the ESN Bulgaria web page and Facebook page for the last updates.


Have Fun, Enjoy your Stay and Be Happy :)


Marion & Joris"