It is that time of the year when ESNers and exchange students from all over Europe unite to create one of the largest happenings aimed at positive social impact on the local societies. The Erasmus Student Network's SocialErasmus project will once again leave a mark with the various small-scale events throughout the sections of the organisation.

SocialErasmus is one of the international projects of ESN. Its main goal is to involve the international exchange students into various activities with a voluntary character in their host countries, engaging with the local people. What's more, the project aims to enhance further their social integration in the community.

From 4th till 10th of May 2015, the exchange students will have a chance to expand their knowledge, ideas, develop new skills and learn through non-formal education the benefits of being a volunteer in any of the three main pillars of the SocialErasmus project, namely:

  • Education;
  • Charity;
  • Environment;

You can find more information about the project on its official webpage.

Now, get ready, use the hashtag #SocialErasmus and show to everyone your actions towards a positive impact on the society.

Reach higher! Go further! Go social!