As you may know, the Council of national delegates this year will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from 10 to 14 december. And the registration is already opened!

Head over to and sign up for the event. Let's rock it in Plovdiv together - we are waiting for you!

Don't forget to like the Facebook page and join the Facebook event in order to stay tuned. Cause the reverse counting has started!


What is CND?

 A Council of National Delegates (CND) Meeting is the meeting of the Board of ESN with the Council of National Delegates consisting of all the national representatives (NRs) and two additional national delegates (NDs) from each ESN member country.

 The main aim of the event is to integrate all the ESN levels better and to show the work of the CNR and Board to all the NDs.

 CND is an annual meeting and the edition in 2015 is the 9th in the history of ESN.