Find out what happened at the summer national platform of ESN Bulgaria


When the summer reaches its highest peak and the sea waves become irresistible, it is not an easy task to get the ESN members involved in prolonged discussions and workshops. However, for yet another continuous year ESN Bulgaria finds a way to combine business with pleasure at one of the most anticipated events of our network - namely the National Platform in Varna.  It took place between 17th and 19th of July, 2015 and it was dubbed as one of the biggest and most international NPs of ESN Bulgaria.


This event gathered together not only many of Bulgarian volunteers, but also a lot of international guests from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The participants got the feeling that it looked more like a mini-AGM, than a regular platform! Fruitful discussions and informative presentations marked the days,  whereas the night parties lasted till sunrise, as the tradition calls for.


The board members informed the volunteers about all the international news and events, which were held recently and which will take place soon.  Sections presented what they did for the past few months and what they are planning for the next semester. The new members got the chance to know the structure of ESN and how everything works together. Last but not least, the international guests introduced everyone to their ESN sections and shared some good practices from their experience.


The first day of the platform culminated with the presentation of EXPO Milano. It came with a pleasant surprise news - ESN Italy kindly invited our members to apply as volunteers at the exposition during September and October, 2015, with secure spots for around five people. Better start freeing up your calendar for a fortnight in the autumn!


Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the local ESN section in Varna, the guests were able to enjoy a different and interesting social program with a very own beach Responsible Party - a first one for a Bulgarian national platform. Despite the low number of members and helpers, the OC team compensated with readiness and energy to handle all the organisational issues and chairing duties and to tend to the matters of everyone who asked them.


For the first time ever a local section applied to host the next National platform. The representatives of ESN Veliko Tarnovo managed to answer a wall of questions, but ultimately the NGO was pleased with them - we have officially selected Tarnovo to host the next NP! Let’s wish them again good luck and hope that the best is yet to come.


In the end of the day, as every year, the platform finished on the Sunday beach with fruitful discussions and evaluations of all that happened throughout the weekend. The ESNers had to go back to their homes, but this time they brought a piece of the sun, sand and sea memories back with them!