Together with the kind co-operation of the National Agency, ESN Bulgaria took part in a platform, titled “European Opportunities for Youth”. It happened in the lovely city of Plovdiv on 6th of December. Many organisations in Bulgaria, which support youngsters and their development, participated in the event. Amongst them, there were representatives of the National Youth Forum, Varna – European Youth Capital 2017, as well as many other associations and guests.


The participants in the conference exchanged good practices between each other and discussed opportunities on eventual future partnerships and collaboration projects.


At the time of the conference itself, the different youth associations in Bulgaria had the opportunity to show to the rest their organization and activities, as well as the latest projects they have worked on. The presentation of ESN Bulgaria happened at the end of the working day, yet, everyone listened with interest, despite the late hour.


Later in the evening, the local ESN volunteers from Plovdiv warmly welcomed the National Board in a venue nearby. Having a glass of cocktail, they got to know better some of the National Board members.


Kaloyan Dimitrov

National Secretary of ESN Bulgaria