Education & Youth Community 

The Education & Youth Community will work on the general strategy of ESN Bulgaria as well as on building a general educational strategy for the national network. They will prepare different toolkits for the network, come up with the official positions concerning different topics (in close cooperation with the board). The members of the community will be also able to work in the fields of advocacy, communication with institutions and project management. 


Network Care Team

The volunteers in it will have the chance to discover and develop strategic and HR Management skills, learn how to facilitate trainings and will contribute to the overall development of the members of ESN Bulgaria. Furthermore, they will make sure the ESNers know how to use their strong sides inside and outside of ESN. 

Along with the Vice President, the community will create tools that would advance our colourful network and while doing so the team members will gain new skills and competencies.

The Network care team have two paths - Network growth and Training and Development. 



The CR8 Team takes care of ESN Bulgaria’s visual identity, public relations, marketing strategies, and creativity. It gives the opportunity to volunteers to spread their creativity and create visual materials, articles and social media campaigns. The committee consists of three departments: Branding, Content creation, Video and Photography. 

The CR8 Team is the community of creative people.

Everybody shares knowledge. 

Everybody learns something.