The Erasmus+ programme foresees a gradual shift towards fully digital mobility management and the new Online Learning Agreement (OLA) will play a crucial role in streamlining the Erasmus+ administrative workflows, particularly from 2021 onwards.

The platform can be accessed at

OLA will contribute to a major innovation in the European Higher Education Area (and beyond) by evolving the way Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) like universities handle mobility flows and paving the way towards harmonious and streamlined mobility management for students and HEIs.

OLA is a digital solution built by universities and students, with the support of the European Commission, for one of the most important steps of any Erasmus exchange: correctly managing the Learning Agreement in a user-friendly way. We hope you will enjoy using it!

The OLA prototype was originally developed in 2014 and was very well received by the universities, who shared it with the whole Higher Education community.

Over the years the OLA was perfected and tested and today it is becoming the reference implementation for Erasmus+ digital Learning Agreements.

The OLA platform will play a key role in supporting European HEIs in transitioning to fully digital Learning Agreements from 2022 onwards.


OLA is the simplest and most convenient way to complete the Learning Agreement online, have it signed, receive comments from sending and receiving institutions, and have an overview of the final version of the document. 

Logging into the platform is done using the MyAcademicID proxy which currently allows students to log in using either the eduGAIN academic credentials, eIDAS or Google account.



Online learning agreements have two workflows and can be initiated either by students or HEIs. Let’s see in short how it works!

Workflow 1: OLA initiated by HEIs

  • HEI uploads a list of nominated students and students receive a notification to register or access their OLA 
  • The student signs the OLA and the sending HEI's coordinator is notified to verify, sign and approve the LA. 
  • The receiving HEI's coordinator is notified to verify and sign the LA.
  • All parties can check the status of the LA at any time.

Workflow 2: OLA initiated by Student

  • The student accesses the OLA platform at, creates the LA proposal, signs it and submits it to their sending HEI.
  • The sending HEI's coordinator is notified to verify and sign the LA.
  • The following steps to finalise and approve the LA are the same as in Workflow 1.

For more information or questions, visit the FAQ page on: FAQ | OLA (