ESN International is the head of over 430 local Erasmus groups in 38 countries which all belong to the Erasmus network. The International Board acts as the executive board of the international network. It is currently comprised of five members who are responsible for all local sections and their coordination as well as the representation of ESN International. The international board is based in Brussels, Belgium.



The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly event from the Erasmus Student Network which presents the committee with the highest decision making authority. Representatives from every sections participate in the four day long conference during which fundamental decisions concerning the development as well as general politics of the organisation are met and the International Board is elected.

Furthermore, the international level includes the Council of National Representatives (CNR) which includes one National Representative from every member country. This council meets four times per year to discuss important decisions (e.g. the admission of new sections) and to monitor the work of the International Board.

Contact to ESN International

ESN has two places of contact in Brussels: The ESNOffice is the workplace of the International Board and the official headquarters of ESN. The members of the International Board reside in the ESNHouse during the time they serve and is open to all ESN members. If you are interested in visiting the International Board, click here.

Address of ESNOffice:

Rue Joseph II / Jozef II-straat 120
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: +32 (0) 22 567 427

Address of ESNHouse:

Rue Major Pétillon / Majoor Pétillonstraat 22
B-1040 Etterbeek
Brussels BELGIUM